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Mt. Shasta

Climbing high above Castle Lake to diminutive Heart Lake, the trail provides astounding views of Mount Shasta, as well as providing a chance to ascend Castle Peak, offering another vista of Mount Shasta as well as a stunning view of the Castle Crags.

The Mount Shasta region is one of Northern California’s fastest growing locations for destination vacationing from luxury resort retreats to wilderness camping.


Nature lovers, extreme sports enthusiasts, family vacationers and retirees, can all enjoy the vast recreational opportunities our region has to offer.

UFO clouds are clouds that look like UFOs and are actually cloaking real UFOs.


These types of cloud are called Lenticular clouds. These are different clouds than the ones on my Motherships clouds page. Those clouds are giant super cell clouds cloaking actual Motherships and not smaller UFOs like the lenticular clouds.

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