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"Are you interested in taking part in creating a lemurian community on earth which will be based on the same knowledge and way of living as we are conducting in Telos?"


The Vision

We realized the importance of establishing the Telosian Village. The mission of the Village is to contain and maintain the frequency of Telos, its unity and community life predicated on abundance of giving.

After careful thought we concluded that the Village, in its physical form (dimension), should be established and conducted as an independent economic center. It would rely on volunteer members, fellow Lemurian souls from the global community, and its dominant language would be that of the heart.

Adama contacted us so that we would create a village which will hold the fifth dimension frequency. Refined and softened, this would enable Lemurian brothers to leave the mountain and embodied, dwell amongst us in the Village.

We Need Your Support

The donation you make today will help us to to raise the building of the village accrdong to Adama's wish.


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with light and love ~telos village teem

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