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About The Village


"This is the exact time to make a big step

and implement the light city of

Telos above the ground in mount Shasta"

We realized the importance of establishing the Telosian Village. The mission of the Village is to contain and maintain the frequency of Telos, its unity and community life predicated on abundance of giving


The Village would operate as non- profit rather than a revenue generating, profit based business entity. Maintained by members who choose to stay in the village, it would be run by them on a daily basis

During the summertime - Telos organizations, or Light Workers, will have the opportunity to stay in the Village, for a fee which will cover basic expenses. Alternately, individuals could work in the Village, assisting operations and facilitating workshops dedicated to growth, sanctification and transcendence, this, in lieu payment for their stay


We understand that Adama contacted us so that we would create a village which will hold the fifth dimension frequency. Refined and softened, this would enable Lemurian brothers to leave the mountain and embodied, dwell amongst us in the Village.

We envision all Telos organizations worldwide sharing the vision and gladly welcome those who want to partake in the establishment of the village. We would want to hear their heartfelt contributions


"Are you interested in taking part in creating a lemurian  community on earth which will be based on the same knowledge and way of living as we are conducting in Telos"?


Description of the Campus: (as received from the High Priest Adama)


There will be:
*guestrooms at a basic standard, modest and pleasant -Bio Building such as Cob, Strawbale, Adobe, Super Adobe, Earthship Bioarchitectures and more 


* a central building called Aurelia Center for Studies, Rituals and Initiation, to create a fully working Research and Development Center for the investigations of Advanced Interplanetary Contact with telos- lemuria Civilizations, thay are awaiting our call. 


It will include:

Conference Hall of about 180 sqm with partitions that will allow it to be divided into three halls ( about 60 sqm each)

  • Shop/Display of Shasta Crystals

  • Cafeteria which will serve breakfast as awell as vegeterian sandwiches, soups and salads throughout the day.


:Exterior Surroundings

  • Paths leading to the Guest Rooms

  • Ecological pool for body treatments - 

  • Greenhouses for growing organic vegetables and fruits for  use in the Village .All of our permaculture gardens will built with a higher purpose sacred geometrical structures, reinforcing the DNA of our corps, accessing its highest vibrational density. 


Financing Methodology:

Partial from a Banking source

The rest of the funding should come from contributions/donations by members of the global community


Those wishing to stay in the village for prolonged periods (more than a month)

can do so in return for working in the Village.


Operational Methodology:
The center will operate an equitable and affordable price to all.An Executive Committee will be selected in order to navigate managerial/operational decisions and the manager will be instructed accordingly.
Each participating Telos organization will have representatives in the Executive Committee.
The  Israeli Telos  representatives are the entrepreneurs in the establishment of the Village, and as such will lead the vision- and its manifestation in the third dimension . They are responsible for finding a suitable site, with the support of the High Priest Adama, Aurelia and Ahnahmar


We cordially ask our community to support us in developing the Telos village  and make this dream and Adama wish come true! 

Donations from the heart

We invite you to join and donate to this unique project of construction the tellosvillage in Shasta United States and Israel.
Each donor get a personal crystal frequency which is sown in the soil of the village or the village  in Shasta  and Israel and establish a connection to the daily feed energy frequencies Hall of learning to the sacred heart of the heart donor.
The donation to Telos Israel is a nonprofit organization that operates a non-profit (RA 530 589 323).

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